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The Season of Advent

Advent is a period of time during the Church year when Christians prepare both ascetically and liturgically for the appearance of Jesus Christ. This season reflects the anticipation/expectation of not only of Christ’s first appearance on earth (His birth), but also of His Second Coming. It is a time where one reflects upon the presence of Christ within one’s heart.

It is a time of preparation thus there are the feelings of desire, longing and expectation. We find that we are consumed by a spiritual hunger. This hunger is fed by the Scriptures that are read during this liturgical period. The scriptures retrace, step by step, all of the events that are related to the prophecies of the covenant of God, the promise of a Messiah. We have the chance to listen to the words of the Hebrew Prophets along with the writings of the Apostles. We hear the call for repentance and conversion within our personal and spiritual lives as John the Baptist called for repentance and conversion of the Jews in the preparation for the “arrival” of the Messiah. We read of Mary and Joseph look for a room where the Messiah can be “safely born in” just as we are to make room for Christ within us. The hearing of the jubalation of the shepherds and the angels that the Promised One, the Messiah, has been born for the whole world. The Magi search for the promised “King”, the same as we search within our hearts for our “King”, Jesus Christ. All of this brings joy and happiness to us as we are “filled” with the spiritual gifts given us by God and as we in turn give ourselves as gifts to God.