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The Presentation of The Blessed Virgin Mary

The parents of Mary, Ann and Joachim, vowed to God that if He blessed them with a baby as it was a great shame to not have children, they would dedicate their child to God’s service in the Temple. Joachim and Anna did not forget their promise to dedicate their child to the service of God. When Mary was three years old they brought her to the Temple and conducted her to the steps of the Temple. There the child Mary all by herself walked up to the very top of the stair, where she was met by the High Priest, Zacharias, as he had met other children dedicated to the service of God. Moved by the Holy Spirit, the High Priest led Mary into the Holy of Holies of the Temple, where he himself was allowed to enter but once a year. Thus, the child Mary was dedicated to a higher service and a higher calling than any other child. After her dedication she remained in the Temple for twelve years. There she was raised under God’s protection, praying and fasting. She read and studied the Holy Scriptures and learned needlework along with other young girls.